Government Has Announced Assistance For Buildings & Huts That Collapsed in the Hurricane @newsreport

Important decision on the issue of damaged houses in the hurricane, separate assistance including Rs. 95 thousand 100 wasannounced for the completely destroyed house.
  • Important decision on hurricane-damaged housing issue
  • Assistance of Rs.95,100 will be paid to the completely destroyed house
  • Assistance of Rs. 25 thousand for a building whose wall has collapsed
In the state, in 2021, many areas of the state of Gujarat were affected by the Tauktae hurricane. In such areas, there have been cases of complete partial damage to unfinished residential / lined houses due to hurricanes. So, in addition to the resolution taken in the context of reference (1) regarding SDRF, the state government considered the issue of providing assistance from the state budget as a "special case" on humanitarian grounds.

An important decision to help with damage to houses, huts, etc. as a result of Hurricane Tau. A survey of houses damaged as a result of Hurricane Tau is being conducted by the district authorities in the affected areas.

  1. In which case the expenditure from the state government's budget will be borne by the state government funds.
  2. Standards and procedures other than the source of the grant and unauthorized construction shall be in accordance with the resolution adopted in the reading.
  3. Expenditure incurred from the funds of the State Government shall be borne separately.
  4. The provisions of this resolution will apply as a "special case" to the districts in the area affected by Hurricane Tauktae in 2021.
  5. In respect of a building constructed by force, the policy rules of that department shall be complied with and this shall be treated as assistance only. This assistance does not provide any legitimacy.

Four agricultural universities to provide technical guidance to farmers in hurricane-hit districts

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani arrived today to visit Mahuva in Bhavnagar affected by the hurricane. The affectedareas were inspected by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani. After which the Chief Minister said that hehas come to Mahuva to get quality information about the damage. More damage has been done to agriculture in 5 districts. Powerpole installation work should be completed quickly. The entire city of Mahuva will get electricity till tonight. The state government will pay the aid in the coming days.With that said, agriculture teams will come to Bhavnagar. Planning will be done as to why horticultural trees will grow. & scientists from the Agricultural University will conduct the survey. The package will be announced after a survey on damage to horticulture.

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An important decision has been taken in the corecommittee meeting chaired by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani to provide assistance to the state government for the damage caused to houses, huts, etc. as a result of the recent Tout hurricane in the state. A survey of unfinished houses, huts, partially damaged unfinished houses etc. as a result of Hurricane Tout is being conducted by the district agencies in the affected areas. The Urban Development as well as the Panchayat &Rural Development Department have called for additional manpower from other districts for such surveys in the affected areasand their services have also been taken up in this survey to speed up the survey work.
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