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 The State Is Facing The Possibility Of Another Lockdown In The Wake Of The Ever-Increasing Corona Epidemic. Now, A Bench Of High Court Chief Justice Vikram Nath & Justice Bhargava Karia Has Directed The Government. Justice Said Concrete Steps Were Needed To Prevent The Eruption Of The Corona. It Is Necessary To Break The Chain Of Transition Of The Corona. The High Court Has Directed The Government To Impose A Three-To Four Days Curfew Across The State & Take Necessary Decision On Weekend Curfew.  

  1. High Court directs government over rising Corona Case
  2. High Courts Observation On the need for weekend curfew in the state
  3. The State Government is likely to announce a weekend curfew in 2 days
  4. 3160 New cases were registered in Gujarat 
The High Court has directed the government regarding the growling case of Corona in Gujarat. It has also ordered a crackdown on political programs. The High Court has directed the government to impose a Two or Three Days weekend curfew in the state. The High Court has observed a situation where austerity is needed in the state. The State Government is likely to Announce a weeknd curfew in Two Days. 

What Did the High Court Point Out ?
  • Corona's chain must be broken 
  • Current situation like imposition of curfew
  • Solid action neended to stop Corona
  • Pointed out to stop political gains
  • Points to tightening rules in publics events 
  • Strict adherence to the rules of Covid
  • Corona condition is getting worse in Gujarat
  • Instructions given to Chief Justice Of Gujarat High Court Vikram Nath
  • High Court directs curfew of 3 to 4 days
  • We also decided to take a decision on weekend curfew
Importantly, night curfew has been imposed in 4 metros of the state at present. Which is applicable from 9PM to 6AM. So there is a possibility that the state government may consider a weekend curfew in the metros in the coming days.

Letter from the IMA to the Prime Minister regarding the lockdown In a letter to Prime Minister Modi, the Indian Medical Association said the vaccine was currently the only way to control coronary heart disease. In a letter, the association asked the government to set up vaccine centers everywhere in the state to provide walk-in vaccines. Private hospitals, clinics, large hospitals & all doctors should be allowed to vaccinate. Covid19 Taskforce should be formed in each district to facilitate vaccination in the state so that vaccination can be done properly.

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