Gujarat Budget 2021-22 Live

A number of provisions have been made in the budget for the education department of Gujarat. A provision of Rs 205 crore has been made for ST bus fee pass concession to students. 
  • Provision of 32 thousand 719 crore in the budget for education department
  • 25 crore for maintenance of Heritage School
  • The first year student of the college will get the tablet

32,719 crore has been provided for Gujarat education department. Under which provision of Rs. 1207 crore has been made to develop facilities in 3400 schools. 1,044 crore has been provided for mid-day meal to children of Std. 1 to 8. So under RTE, Rs 567 crore has been allocated for admission in private schools. A provision of Rs 205 crore has been made for ST bus fee pass concession to students. Under this special benefit will be given to the students of the village.

Some government announcements even for college students
  • 200 crore for tablet to college admissions students
  • 65 crore for textbook to secondary-upper secondary students
  • 60 crore for transportation of students with schools 1 km away
  • 25 crore to develop historically important schools as heritage
  • 20 crore under search scheme for PHD students
  • Provision of Rs. 20 crore for development of student startups
  • 10 crore for consolidation-mission Gurukul of 37 Sanskrit schools
Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Nitin Patel today presented the budget for the ninth consecutive time in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. In which various advertisements were made for the farmers.

Know what the farmers of Gujarat got?
  • Provision of Rs. 27232 crore for Agriculture Department
  • Allocation of Rs. 87 crore for seed and grain storage
  • 4 lakh farmers will benefit from the scheme
  • 10 lakh per food processing unit
  • Provision of Rs. 82 crore under the Centre's scheme
  • Provision of Rs. 82 crore to promote seed production to farmers
  • 50 crore allotted for agri and food processing clusters
  • 7232 crore for Department of Agricultural Welfare and Co-operation
  • 698 crore for agricultural research and education
  • Provision of Rs. 5494 crore for Water Resources Department
  • 4 lakh farmers will get assistance in storage of seeds and grains
  • Provision of Rs. 442 crore for horticulture scheme
  • Provision of Rs. 698 crore for Agricultural University
  • Provision of Rs. 137 crore for Kamadhenu University
  • Provision of Rs. 100 crore for crop credit in Co-operation Department
  • 84 crore provision for agricultural market system
  • 20 crore will be spent for the organic agriculture market
  • Markets will be set up in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot
  • A market will be set up for the sale of fruits and vegetables
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The largest ever budget of Rs 2,27,029 crore has been released to accelerate the development of Gujarat.

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