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Youth will be able to register their names in the voter list through mobile app, facility to fill form no.6 in water helpline, voter list abbreviated correction program started
Suffrage is a very important right in a democratic country and voting is also a sacred duty In order for a citizen to exercise his / her right to vote, he / she must first register his / her name in the electoral roll The Electoral Commission of India announces at least two programs each year to enroll citizens who have completed 18 years of age with respect to the January eligibility date for enrollment.  An Indian citizen who has completed 18 years of age by the Election Commission of India with respect to the date of eligibility on 1/1/2021 i.e. born on 1/1/2003 is eligible to register his name in the Electoral Roll by filling in the details of Form No. 6 and submitting the required basis.
At present a special abbreviated voter list reform program is underway and on 13/12/2020 voters going to the polls by the citizens of that area do not register their names in the electoral roll and are deprived of the right to vote and sacred duty in a democracy.  Therefore, the Election Commission of India can enable today's techno-savvy youth to register their names in the electoral roll at their place and time through digital platform through NVSP.IN VOTERPORTAL.ECI.GOV.IN website and through voter help line mobile application.  .  The reason is that young voters between the ages of 18-19 who were born in 2001 and 2002 should register their names in the electoral roll through digital platform and if that is not possible on 

13/12/2020 at the polling station or on 15/12/2020.  Voter Registration Officer and Province Officer Ankit Pannu has asked the concerned Mamlatdar's office to go and fill up Form No.6 by now

How to check Your Details Online?
2. Select Your District.
3.Then Select Search Mode By Name or By ID Card Number.
4. Enter Your Details.
5. Press Search Button.

Check Details By SMS
1. TYPE – epic<SPACE>Your ID Card Number and Send 1950
2.Example – epic XXXXXXXX
3.Send to – 1950

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