LPG Gas Cylinder December Month New Rates & Full Details Open 2020

Amid rising inflation across the country, state-owned oil companies have eased the cooking gas front in December.  Even on December 1, 2020, the price of LPG Gas Cylinder has not changed.  Even in the previous months of October and November, HPCL, BPCL, IOC did not change the price of LPG gas cylinder.  However, the price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder has gone up by up to Rs 55
◆ The last time LPG gas cylinder prices were raised was in July

 It may be recalled that the price of a 14 kg LPG cylinder was hiked by Rs 4 in the first month of July, while the price of a 14.2 kg unsubsidised LPG cylinder was hiked by Rs 11.50 in Delhi during June.  It was cheaper by Rs 162.50 in May

◆ Check out the new price of LPG gas cylinder (LPG Price in India 01 December 2020)

 According to the price given on the website of IOC, the country's largest oil marketing company, cylinder prices in Delhi are stable.  If we talk about Delhi, the current price of a 14.2 kg subsidized LPG cylinder is Rs 594.  Also, if you want the price of a subsidized cylinder in Mumbai, you have to pay only Rs 594.  But in Chennai the price is Rs 610 per cylinder and in Calcutta you have to pay Rs 620 for this 14.2 kg cylinder

◆ The price of commercial cylinders went up

 The price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinder has been increased for the month of December.  Chennai has seen the highest increase of Rs 56 per cylinder.  Now one has to pay Rs 1410 for a commercial cylinder here.  In addition, the country's capital Delhi has increased by Rs 55.  Here the rate of this cylinder is 1296 rupees.  Calcutta and Mumbai have also seen an increase of Rs 55.  After which the new prices in these two cities are: 1351 and 1244 rupees respectively

◆ Where to check the price of LPG

 To check the price of cooking gas you have to go to the website of the government oil company.  Here companies issue new rates every month.  https://iocl.com /Products/IndaneGas.aspx You can check the rates of gas cylinders in your city by visiting this link

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