Government jobs Looking for Youth & Gujarat 13 thousand More Police Personnel will be done Recruitment

Minister of State for Home Affairs Pradipsinh Jadeja said that the law and order situation in Gujarat should be made more sophisticated and the number of police personnel should be increased.  He also said that the government has made intensive plans to increase the number of police stations.  More than 49,000 police personnel have been recruited in Gujarat in the last seven years.  And 13,000 more will be recruited next year. The state government is also providing facilities including training to police personnel to equip them with modern technology, Minister of State for Home Affairs Pradipsinh Jadeja said
In a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Police Housing, Border Security, Civil Defense, Gram Rakshak Dal, Jail, Drug Enforcement Excise, Non-Resident Gujarati Division, the MLA Advisory Committee met at Gandhinagar to improve the law and order situation of all MLAs

The Minister of State for Home Affairs said that while the police system and the Home Department are working as a team to maintain law and order situation in the state, the state government is also working to increase the use of manpower, skill upgradation, infrastructure upgradation and technology

Jadeja further said that work on the Conviction Improvement Project is also in progress to increase the conviction rate in the state.  It is planned to provide guidance for 24-hour investigation.  Provision has been made to appoint a retired police officer as a persuasive officer.  Under this project, separate rooms for investigation, call center, training facility for police personnel will be provided under the coordination of Rakshasakti University for drafting

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At the meeting, suggestions were made by the legislators to intensify police operations with regard to harassment of anti-social elements to protect poor families from usurpers, establishment of new police stations, vehicles, enforcement of narcotics laws.  The consultation meeting was attended by Director General of Police Ashish Bhatia, Home Department and NRG.  Top officials of the department were present and provided necessary details

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