Rupani Government More One Tumble & Marriage Religious Programs Funeral & What A Big Change in The Rules

corona virus, the state government has decided to allow only 100 guests, instead of 200, to attend celebrations, including weddings and receptions
Gandhinagar : The Vijay Rupani government in Gujarat is trying to change this decision by reversing its own decisions.  The Rupani government has now changed the rules regarding marriage.  The Gujarat government had earlier allowed 200 people to attend the wedding.  Now it has decided to allow only 100 guests to attend instead of 200.  .  There is a limit of 50 persons in the final rites and ceremonies

The Gujarat government has announced that the state government has decided to allow only 100 guests instead of 200 in weddings and receptions to curb the spread of the corona virus.  In September, the public unlock 5 guideline announced the approval of social, religious, political and other programs in the presence of 200 people

Approval was also given by the police as per this rule.  Cavid-19 cases have risen in the state after the Diwali festival.  The government on Monday issued orders to hold other celebrations, such as weddings and receptions, at less than 50 per cent of the capacity of the venue but within the limit of 100 people, with the aim of stopping the movement of citizens and stopping the spread of the infection.  Final rites and ceremonies are limited to 50 persons

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