Vijay Rupani Made This Big Announcement & State Panjarapol For Relief News 2020

There is news of relief for Panjrapol, who is facing a crisis due to the Koro epidemic.  Panjrapol will now be able to produce fodder on its own land.  CM Vijay Rupani has made a big announcement of help to Panjrapol.  CM Rupani has announced assistance of Rs 10 lakh for tubewell in Panjrapol.  So assistance up to Rs. 1.5 lakh for chab cutter, assistance of Rs.  Panjrapol who owns the land will get the benefit of this assistance
Chief Minister Vijay Bhai Rupani has announced a new scheme to make the Panjrapols of the state self-sufficient by producing fodder for their livestock on their own land.  Panjrapol will get help for tubewells, solar electrical panels, green fodder balers, chaffcutters, irrigation systems, rainguns or sprinklers and water pipelines

Now the state registered panjarapolos will be able to cultivate their own land by cultivating their own fodder through the availability of water, fertilizer and seeds and provide livestock in their panjarapoles.  Only Panjrapols who own land will be able to avail the benefits of this scheme.  In addition, Rs.  Up to Rs 10 lakh assistance will be available to registered Panjrapols with 1 to 10 hectares of land
With the approach of relief in electricity bill from the use of solar energy, Rs.  Assistance up to the limit of Rs. 8 lakhs, assistance up to Rs. 1.25 lakhs for chaffcutter.  3.50 lakh assistance will be given to Panjrapols with 4 to 10 hectares of land.  A maximum of Rs 5 lakh will be provided for sprinkler irrigation system and Rs 35,000 to Rs 1.05 lakh for rain gun irrigation system.  Benefit can be availed by applying online on i-farmer portal

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