Narendra Modi Issued a Rs 75 Coin 2020

PM Narendra Modi today unveiled a Rs 75 commemorative coin on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  At the same time, 17 biofortified varieties of eight recently developed crops were also dedicated to the nation.  On the occasion, PM Modi said, "I congratulate those around the world who are constantly working to eradicate malnutrition
PM Modi said that Indian farmers, our agricultural scientists, Anganwadi and Ashavarkar are strongholds of the strong movement against malnutrition.  He has helped the government reach the poorest of the poor through his hard work

PM Modi said the FAO has closely watched India's fight against malnutrition over the past decades.  Attempts were made by several departments at different levels in the country but their scope was either limited or fragmented.  When I got the opportunity to serve the country in 2014, we started anew in the country

PM Modi said that we have moved forward with an integrated approach, a holistic approach.  Work is being done in a more important direction to combat malnutrition.  Now the country is promoting crops that are high in nutrients like protein, iron, zinc etc

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a Rs 100 commemorative coin on the birth centenary of Rajmata Vijayraj Scindia.  The 100 rupee coin was issued by the government in honor of Rajmata Scindia.  On the occasion, PM Modi said that Rajmata Scindia was one of the few personalities who guided India in the last century

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