LPG Customers Beware 1 November Adopted Will fall This Process 2020

A key piece of information is emerging for families using LPG.  November 1 i.e., from next month the oil companies are to implement a new delivery system of LPG cylinders.  If you do not comply, you may have trouble delivering the gas cylinder.  Delivery of the gas cylinder may be stopped due to misinformation
● Now delivery is not possible without showing OTP
According to sources, the government has decided to implement a new system for oil companies to prevent gas theft and identify true consumers.  This process is called Delivery Authentication Code (DAC).  Home delivery of the cylinder will be through OTP (One Time Password) from November 1.  You can take the cylinder from the delivery boy without stating the OTP

● What a new system
According to the information received, booking of cooking gas will not result in delivery of the cylinder.  From now on customers will be sent an OTP to the mobile number after gas booking.  This OTP you will have to share with the delivery boy when the cylinder arrives for delivery.  Customers will get delivery of the cylinder only after mixing this code with the system.  Oil companies will launch DAC in the first 100 smart cities.  For that, a pilot project is underway in two cities

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