Corona's Kher & Naresh Kanodia positive& Full Details Open 2020

Corona is currently wailing all over the world.  Also in Gujarat, 1000 to 1100 cases are coming up daily.  Recently, one-time Gujarati film superstar and former MLA Naresh Kanodia has also contracted Korona.  When Naresh Kanodia's Corona report came back positive, he was sent to Ahmedabad's U.N.  Mehta has been shifted to hospital.  U.N.  A picture of Naresh Kanodia has surfaced from Mehta Hospital today.  In which they are seen being treated with an oxygen mask.  Also, regarding the health of Naresh Kanodia, his son and Kadi MLA Hitu Kanodia has also posted a photo of his father today and appealed to him to pray.  It may be mentioned that when the first case of Corona virus came to light in the country and Gujarat, Naresh Kanodia attracted the attention of the people by singing the song 'Bhaag Korona Bhaag, Bhaag Korona Bhaag
Hitu Kanodia, the son of actor Naresh Kanodia, also tweeted appealing to the fans to pray

◆ Family and film career
 Naresh Kanodia was born on 20 August 1943 in Kanoda village of Mehsana district near Modhera.  Naresh Kanodia started his acting career with the film 'Valleyne Aavaya Phool'.  Naresh has given many hit Gujarati films.  Naresh and Gujarati actress Snehalta were a pair.  Who has worked together in many hit Gujarati films. Naresh Kanodia is married to Rima.  He has one son, Hitu Kanodia.  Hitu Kanodia is also a star of Gujarati film industry.  Hitu is married to Gujarati actress Mona Theba.  Both have one son Rajvir.  Naresh Kanodia lives in Gandhinagar with his family.  Mahesh Kanodia also lives with him

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