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Government of India bans 118 mobile apps including PUBG, find out the full list
The Government of India has finally banned the Pubji game, which has become very popular among Indian youth and has been the subject of controversy for some
Government of India imposes ban on PUBJI

 118 apps including Pubji will be shut down in India

 According to a notification issued by the Indian government, 118 apps, including Pubji, have been banned in India.  Notably, Pubji Game is a game developed by a German company.

The Indian government has previously banned a number of apps

Notably, 69 apps were banned amid a border dispute between India and China.  However, since then 106 apps and now 118 applications have been banned

So far the Indian government has banned more than 200

 This app was dangerous for the government of India.  Which is why this decision has been made.  Let me tell you that China is being hit one after another after the confrontation with China in the Galvan Valley.  So far, the Indian government has banned 224 apps
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