Drivers Came For Work News & From 1 October If You Make This Mistake Have To Pay Heavy Fines 2020

There are going to be a lot of changes in the rules of driving from the next 1st date.  In such a situation, a rule is coming for drivers, in which it will be difficult to talk on the phone while driving.  Under the new rule, mobile phones will only be used for route navigation.  If the driver is caught talking, a fine of up to five thousand rupees will have to be paid
● Work news for motorists
● If you make this mistake, you will have to pay a heavy fine
●  Keep this in mind while driving

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has notified the new rule.  Under the new rule, the mobile phone in hand will be used only for route navigation while driving and in such a way that the driver is not distracted while driving.  However, a fine of Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 may be levied for talking on a mobile while driving.

 These rules relate to changes made to the Motor Vehicle Act last year.  Some of the rules of this law came into force last year.  According to the statement, traffic rules in the country will be better enforced through the use of IT services and electronic monitoring.  At the same time, the harassment of drivers will also be stopped.

● Police officers will not be able to ask for documents
 Information on revoked and disqualified driving licenses will be chronologically updated on the web portal.  This will help the officers to monitor the behavior of the drivers.  According to the rules, if the documents pertaining to the vehicle are validated electronically, the police officers will not be able to demand hard copies of the documents.

● Talking on mobile is a major cause of accidents
 Talking on mobile while driving has become a major cause of vehicle accidents.  People keep talking on mobiles even while driving.  In such a situation their attention is distracted, which leads to an accident.  With the implementation of this new rule the mobile can be used for route navigation just by placing it in front of the dashboard.  However, only drivers associated with the app-based cab service follow this rule.

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