Only 100 Rupees Electricity Bill Government Schemes 2020

Only 100 Rupees Electricity Bill Government Schemes 2020
There is a hefty scheme for you if you are bothered by hefty electricity bills.  The electricity bill in this scheme is very low up to 100 units.  However, consumption of more than 100 units increases the price of electricity.  The Madhya Pradesh government launched the Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana.  The government has now made some changes to the scheme.  So the electricity bill has come down.  This is benefiting both consumers and the government
If you spend more than 100 units of electricity, you will have to pay that much

According to the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Bill Board, a family spending up to 100 units of electricity in the Indira Gruh Jyoti Yojana will have to pay only Rs 100.  On spending 150 units, the electricity bill will go up to Rs 384.  Also, if you spend 151 units of electricity, the customer will be excluded from the scheme

Earlier, the scheme cost Rs 634 per 100 units of electricity.  While the bill for 150 units of electricity was Rs 918.  When the scheme is implemented, the government gives a subsidy of Rs 534.  This means that if you spend 100 units of electricity, you only have to pay 100 rupees.  The electricity bill under Indira Gruh Jyoti Yojana has a different color of paper

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