For people living on rent Big News & Full Details Open 2020

The central government may soon take a big step for tenants.  Housing and Urban Affairs Secretary Durga Shankar Mishra said the central government has taken this step to promote rental housing
He was addressing a conference on housing sector organized by the trade and industry body Assocham.  The current rent law in various states has been framed keeping in view the interests of the tenants, the housing secretary said.  He said that according to the 2011 census, more than 11 million houses across the country were vacant because people were afraid to rent them out.  Mishra said his ministry would ensure that within a year, each state would make the necessary provisions to implement the model law

"We hope that after the law comes into force, 60-80 per cent of the vacant flats will come to the market," he said.  Also, real estate developers can rent out their unsold home.  The Ministry of Urban Development issued the Ideal Rent Act in July 2019, proposing that landlords must give three months' written notice of a change in rent.  In which the district collector has been advised to appoint as a rent officer and to impose heavy fines for staying more than the stipulated time

Speaking on the recent low-rent housing complex scheme in the country, Mishra said the program was aimed at converting millions of flats owned by the Center and the states into rented accommodation for migrant laborers at cheaper rates.  He said the states could pass the necessary laws in this regard in the next one year.  "We are going to make a big improvement," Mishra said.  We are changing the rent law.  The Housing Secretary said existing rent laws have been framed in various states to protect the interests of tenants

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