Modi government gave relief to crores of people | took 3 big decisions Full Details 2020

Modi government gave relief to crores of people, took 3 big decisions
In view of the Corona crisis, the central government has announced three important deadlines.  This deadline is attached to your pocket.  The advantage of this is to meet you directly.  The government has been allowed to extend the deadline for providing free cylinders to more than 70 million beneficiaries of the ambitious Ujjawala scheme till September.  Under the scheme, Rs 13,500 crore will be spent on free cylinders for another 3 months
●The government will provide PF till August
The government had announced three free cylinders from April to June to the beneficiaries of the Ujjawala scheme in view of the Corona crisis and lockdown.  Under the Ujjawala scheme, gas connections have been allotted free of cost in the name of women from poor families of the country.  The central government will provide 12-12 per cent PF amount of employers and employees respectively till August.  The scheme is only for organizations where the number of employees is up to 100 and 90 per cent of the monthly salary does not exceed Rs 15,000.

 ●Free grain until November
It may be mentioned that the government has been providing this facility since April after the lockdown started.  The government's decision will provide relief to 3.67 lakh employers and 72.22 lakh employees.  The Prime Minister's Poor Welfare Food Scheme has been extended for another 5 months from July to November, 2020.  Under this, in addition to free foodgrains to all the beneficiary families, 1 kg of chickpeas will be distributed free of cost for the next 5 months from July to November, 2020
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