Modi Government Gave Good News Apply Online 2020

Modi Government Gave Good News Apply Online 2020
The Modi government had announced an economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore in view of the Koro epidemic.  In which large, medium, small, small and micro enterprises were given many reliefs.  At the same time, it also announced financial assistance to those who do business by taking lorries on the roads.  Now it has been announced when the lari-rakdi people will get this financial help
PM Swanidhi Yojana is the name of the government's loan to those who make a living by installing rakes and lorries on the roads.  Under this scheme, the central government will provide loans at cheaper rates to rake and lorries and small shop operators.  The government has set aside Rs 5,000 crore for the scheme to help street vendors.  Which would not be any drastic condition.

 Under PM Swanidhi Yojana, you will get a maximum loan of Rs 10,000.  Which will help you start a new business.  Also it will be given to you on easy terms.  This is a kind of unsecured loan.  You will also be given a special discount on interest.  So that you can pay off debts easily.

 The loan will be given to those who run small shops like roadside, rake, lorry, cart.  Vegetable, laundry, salon and leaf shops are also included in this category.  And the person who runs it can also take this loan.  According to the government, 50 lakh street vendors will benefit from this scheme.

Experts believe that this scheme will help the shopkeepers who are facing financial difficulties during the lockdown.  Usually even for such a small amount the poor fall into the hands of false debtors.  Which takes big interest in the name of small amount.  This effort has been initiated by the government to ease the difficulties of the people in small loans

The home page of the computer screen will then open.  Planning to apply for a loan will be visible on this home page.  It has 3 steps. Read it carefully and click on View More.  You can read all the terms and conditions here.  On this page you have to click on view / download form.  Below the first point is a blue highlight.  Clicking there will open a Swanidhi Scheme form in front of you.  And the file will be in PDF format.  After downloading the application form, fill in the information requested in the form.  And all the required documents should be attached with the information filled application.  And the application form has to be submitted by going to the authorized institutions
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