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Electricity Consumers For Government Big Decision 2020
Eventually, the government tweaked the power companies.  The government today announced that consumers are also entitled to a reduction in electricity tariff as coal prices fall.  And decided in the interest of consumers.  This was earlier reported by VTVGujarati.com on which the government has taken a decision today
●The consumer will be able to benefit from the reduction in international coal prices
●Electricity rates will be reduced and state consumers will benefit
●Procurement of coal through transparent process
The situation changed by the state government during the period after the resolution dated 1-12-2017, keeping in view the change in the market trend of Indonesian coal and the interest of the power consumers of the state.  It was stated in the press list of the Gujarat government today that the previous resolution has been canceled by the resolution of 16-09-2050.
What was the Old Testament
TaThe resolution dated 1.12.2018was for three imported coal based power projects located in the state.  Under which four power purchase agreements were made.  Accordingly, Coastal Gujarat Power Ltd.  The supplementary agreement was not signed due to lack of consent of other participating states.
The consumer will benefit from the reduction in international coal prices
By the State Government Dat.  The resolution dated 1.12.2018 has been canceled and dated.  In the interest of consumers, a new guideline has been issued from 19.03.2050 which includes other reputable market indexes for calculating the price of coal in view of the changes in the Indonesian coal market after the year 2014.  So that the coal can be procured by the project developer at a competitive minimum rate and the customer can benefit from the reduction in international coal prices from time to time.
●Electricity rates will be reduced and state consumers will benefit
In order to approve the supplementary agreement of Essar Power by the Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission, the proposed amendments such as better operational parameters, tariffs will have to be calculated and rejected transit losses and other charges (3%) have been included in the new guidelines by the state government in the interest of power consumers.  So that the power tariff will be reduced as compared to the resolution dated 1.12.2018 and the state consumers will benefit.
●Procurement of coal through transparent process
In addition to the above mentioned better operational parameters for calculating fuel cost under this method, the project developer has to procure coal in a fair, competitive and transparent manner which will reduce the power tariff and provide power supply to the customers at reasonable rates for the remaining 15 years of the power contract
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