Darek Vrat Mate Ni Mahtavni Date 2020

Darek Vrat Mate Ni Mahtavni Date List Dawnlood 2020
●Dt-3/7/20 Friday - Jayaparvati fast begins

●Dt-7/7/20 Tuesday - Jayaparvati Vrat Jagran

●Dt-20/7/20 Monday - Somavati Amas

●Dt -21/7/20 Shiva Pujan starts on Tuesday Shravan Sud-1

●Dt-3/8/20 Monday - Poonam - Rakshabandhan

●Dt-8/8/20 Saturday - Nag Panchami

●Dt-12/8/20 Wednesday - 5246- Shrikrushna Janmotsav Jayanti - (Eighth)

● Dt-15/8/20 Saturday - (Independence Day) -

● Date -21 /8/20 Friday - Kevada - 3rd

● Dt-22/8/20 Saturday - Ganesh Chaturthi Bhadarva Sud - 1

● Dt-1/9/30 Tuesday - Anant Chaidash (Ganeshji Visjan)

●Dt-2/9/20 Wednesday - Shraddha Parambh

● Dt-18/9/20 Friday - Adhik Mas Shuru Adhik Aso Sud-1

● Dt-16/10/20 Friday - End of Adhik Mas - Amas

●Dt-17/10/20 Saturday - Navratri starts Aso Sud - 1

● Dt-26/10/20 Monday - Dussehra

● On 31/10/20 Saturday - Sardar Patel Jayanti and Sharad Poonam

● On 11/11/20 Wednesday - Ekadashi

●Dt-12/11/20 Thursday - Wadhbaras

● Dt-13/11/20 Friday - Dhanteras

●Dt -14/11/2020 Diwali and Lakshmi Pujan and Chopda Pujan on Saturday 

●Dt-15/11/20 Sunday - Govdhan Pujan

● Dt-16/11/20 Monday - New Year and Brotherhood
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