Ration Card Family Member's Name is To Be Added Full Details 2020

Ration Card Family Member's Name is To Be Added Full Details 2020
Ration card is a very important document for people living below the poverty line.  Especially at a time when the central government is distributing foodgrains on a large scale through these cards due to lockouts.  So that no poor remain hungry.  In addition, many government schemes require a ration card
●What documents will be required
If you want to add a child's name to this card, the head of the household must have a ration card.  Must have a photocopy and original copy. Apart from this, the child should also have a birth certificate and a parent's Aadhaar card

◆If the bride's name is to be added to the ration card after marriage at home, for this you need her Aadhaar card, marriage certificate, photocopy of husband's ration card and original copy.  There should also be a certificate to remove the name from the ration card that the parents had at home

●Update Ration Card online at home
◆To update any information in the ration card one has to go to the official website of the concerned state food supply department.  First you need to create a login ID on this website
◆After logging in, the option to add a new member's name will appear on the homepage of this website.  Clicking on this option will open a new form
◆In this form you will have to fill in the complete information of new family members
◆Along with this form in the next step, you will also need to upload scanned copies of all the above documents.  After this the form has to be submitted.
◆After submitting the form you will get a registration number through which you can log on to this website and track the form
◆This form and document will be verified by the officer.  If all the information given in this is correct then the form will be accepted and the ration card will be sent to your address by post
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