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Daily Petrol Diesel Price Update in India App for Android Smartphone user, Stay on top of recent reform by Indian government - Petrol, diesel, gas prices revision on daily basis This reform created major shift in common man’s day to day life. Now cost of all daily use commodities are changed after every few days. Specially expense of food items keep on fluctuating with every change in fuel prices. For some people these announcements are on good side but few are still trying to adapt themselves with these changes.

To help users keep track of fluctuating fuel prices, we created simple free app. Petrol, Diesel Price finder in India.

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* Simple & quick way to know FUEL cost in your City in India. BEST Utility app.
* All major cities covered
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* Compare with other cities
* Compare multiple petrol pump rates (IOC, HP, BP etc)
* Multiple petrol pumps data available like - Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum etc
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and many more. Rates for more than 500 cities available in this app.

Petrol-Diesel Increased Find out how much your city has grown 2020

Despite falling crude oil prices in the international market, domestic petrol and diesel prices are on the rise.  Today, the price of petrol and diesel has gone up again.  In the last 11 days, petrol has gone up by Rs 6 per liter and diesel by Rs 6.40 per liter Wednesday, June 17, state-owned oil companies also hiked petrol and diesel prices.

petrol price has gone up from Rs 76.73 yesterday to Rs 77.28 per liter, which has gone up by 55 paise per liter.  Similarly, diesel has gone up by 60 paise per liter from Rs 75.19 per liter to Rs 75.79 per liter

Thus, the last 11 days have seen a decline in the price of crude in the international market, but at home its price has been steadily rising.  At present, the price of Indian Basket crude oil has dropped to around 35 35 per barrel.  But the price of petrol and diesel has not come down like this.  The effect is that the price of diesel has gone up by Rs 6.40 per liter in the last 11 days and the price of petrol has also gone up by Rs 6.00 per liter

The price of petrol diesel is updated every morning at 6 p.m.  You can also know the daily rate of petrol and diesel through SMS.  Indian Oil customers can know the price by typing RSP to 9224992249 and BPCL customers can send RSP to 9223112222.  While HPCL customers can know the price by typing HPPrice and sending it to 9222201122.

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Daily Petrol and Diesel prices in your city in India
Daily Petrol Price is very simple and intuitive app to check daily Petrol and Diesel prices in your city. As app is still in primary phase with limited daily price functionalities but as it grows older you will have more features to take a close look at daily changes in prices of Fuel in your city. 

Current Features

● As app says you can check Daily Petrol and Diesel prices in major Cities of India. 
●You can search your City

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