RBI can make this big decision by paying the loan installments, it will benefit everyone 2020

The central government has extended the nationwide lockdown due to the global epidemic till May 17.  The lockdown is having a huge impact on the Indian economy.  The Reserve Bank is considering extending the ban on loan repayments by banks by three monthsThe RBI may take a big decision
◆Banks can increase the time limit for loan repayments
◆An additional three-month period is being considered
●The central bank has allowed them to repay bank loan installments for three months to curb the Koro epidemic and help those affected by the lockdown.  The exemption was granted till May 31.  According to sources, the government has now extended the lockdown till May 17.  It is believed that the repayment period in the payment of loan installments should still be extended.  Suggestions have been made in this regard from many sectors, including the Banks Association of India
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