BPL and APL card and procedure for withdrawal of card 2020

BPL and APL card and procedure for withdrawal of card
●Standards for issuing BPL cards

The average per capita monthly income of the applicant's family for rural area is Rs. 324 Must be less than Rs. And Rs. 501 Must be less than Rs.  (Counting the family of five members)

 The applicant should be a farm laborer.

 The applicant should have less than one acre of land.

 BPL  According to the survey, the beneficiaries with a score of 0 to 12 in the list of Rural Development Department who have availed benefits under Indira Awas Yojana or other Awas Yojana should be the beneficiaries of BPL list.

 The applicant must be shifting in the sense of labor to support the family
●Standards for determining families to be covered under Antyodaya Annan Yojana

 Landless farm laborers, marginal farmers, rural artisans such as potters, tanners, weavers, blacksmiths, carpenters, people living in slums and earning their livelihood on a daily basis in the informal sector such as porters, rickshaw pullers, handicraftsmen  Madaris, paper, weavers and the underprivileged as well as people living in other rural and urban areas in the same category.

 Widowed families or sick persons / persons with disabilities / persons above 60 years of age or above who do not have any means of subsistence or social support.

 Widows or sick persons or persons with disabilities or persons aged 60 years and above or single women or single men who have no family or no social support or no means of subsistence.

 All primitive tribal families.

 BPL  Cardholder HIV positive person

 BPL  Cardholder affected by leprosy

 All widows, disabled, incapacitated persons registered under the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment who are eligible for BPL.  All those who are card holders.

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