The state government has declared the vacation in colleges till date 2020

The state government today announced an important decision on the Corona crisis.  It has been announced that no school fees will be increased from the new academic year, providing relief to parents across the state.  In addition, for those who are financially weak and unable to pay the fees, they will be able to pay the monthly installments in March, April and May and will have to pay the fee in the next six months as per their convenience
Vacation until May 16th
 Besides, no amount of pressure can be imposed by a single school on fees.  In addition, the state government has announced a vacation in the college and university from April 15 to May 16 and the college-university examination will be decided on May 18, according to the UGC guidelines.
●Downstream valuation
The state government has also announced that the north-west of Standard 10 and 12 will be evaluated from April 16.  Chief Education Secretary Ashwini Kumar has announced that the primary education board will be solely responsible for Uttarwahi's assessment and will also take care of social distancing during Uttarvi verification.
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