The poor and the workers will get 1000 RS support Open 2020

Gandhinagar: Amid growing corona-positive cases in the state, the Romanian government announced an important role for the poor.  CMO Secretary Ashwini Kumar told a press conference
National Food Security Bill in the state by Chief Minister Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel Under the National Food Security Bill, two lakh families will be deposited in their account from Rs 1000 thousand on Monday under the National Food Security Bill
●He said that the state government would also provide Rs 1,000 assistance for the month of April.  The amount of this assistance will be deposited in the bank account of all the beneficiary family.  He said that due to this help, the state government would have a burden of Rs 666 crore.
●Importantly, direct one thousand rupees will be deposited in the accounts of 66 lakh working and poor families.  No beneficiary will have to apply for this, Ashwini Kumar said.  Apart from that, he said, so far 60 lakh beneficiaries of the state who are not included in the NFSA have so far distributed free ration to up to 45 lakh families
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