middle class families get government food. ? Full Details 2020

Middle-class families know here whether you will get government grain.  How much will you get?
Gujarat government has decided to free the distribution of food grains in April to the families of APL-1 cardholders in case of corona lockdown.  The distribution of these grains will be from next 13th April at 17 thousand government-approved cheap grain shops.  About 60 lakh families of Gujarat will be able to get free grain from the cheap grain shop.  With this decision, more than 30 million middle-class people of large numbers of APL ration card holders in rural and inland areas will now benefit from government relief in the epidemic of corona.
●Chief Minister's Secretary Ashwini Kumar said that about 60 lakh APL-1 cardholders of Gujarat, which are not included under the National Food Security Act, are not being provided under normal circumstances.  In the case of lockdown to such families, 10 kg wheat, 3 kg rice, 1 kg lentil or chickpeas and 1 kg sugar will be given free of cost from the cheap grain shop for the month of April.  Chief Minister Rupani has also appealed that those who are happy people in the state should also be included in APL-1 families so that they too can get free ration.
●Check yourself how much grain you are eligible to receive as beneficiary in your ration card APL-1.  Add a ration card number and find out the amount available to you.  If no data on grain volume appears, then you understand that you are not eligible to receive ration on your ration card.  Avoid going out.  Stay at home
●According to the last number of ration cards, the distribution of food grains is as follows
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●Beginning next Monday, April 13, the work of distributing wheat, rice, pulses and sugar free of cost to 6 lakh APL-1 card holders will be started from over 17000 cheaper grain shops in Gujarat.  A committee of teachers, Talati or village volunteers, police personnel and community leaders will be constituted at the village and urban level to maintain social distance during the distribution of grain.
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