Lockdown: What will open today in Gujarat, see entire list 20th April 2020 Full Dettles

Lockdown: What will open today in Gujarat, see entire list 20th April 2020
Chief Minister's secretary Ashwini Kumar said things that could open in lockdown after April 20.  For which the notification has been issued by the Labor and Employment Department of the state.  In Gujarat, out-of-town industries today will be given phased approval.  Whereas industries within the limits of 8 municipalities and 162 municipalities are not allowed.
●See a list of which services will continue
 All drugstores and medical device shops, including hospitals, chemists, pharmacies, public pharmaceutical centers
All health services
Hospital, Nursing Home, Clinic
Medical laboratories and storage centers
Pharmaceutical and medical research laboratory, institutes conducting research related to Covid-19
Veterinary hospital, dispensary, clinic, pathology lab, vaccine and drug sales and supply.
●Activities in the agricultural sector will continue
The farm will continue to operate by farmers and farm workers
Agencies involved in the procurement of agricultural products, including the operation of the SSP
Market mandated by the Agricultural Produce Market Committee or declared by the state or federal territory.
Agricultural machines, its spare parts and repair shops will be open
Custom hiring machine related to farm machinery
 Fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, distribution, retail trade.
 Pruning and plowing machines can be manipulated.
Work related to fishery or aquaculture industries, including quarrying, harvesting, processing, packaging, cold chain, sales and marketing will continue.
 Undersea house, feed plants will continue
 Trafficking of fish / shrimp and fish for fish, fish seed / food and all activities.
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