2000 /- to be given to farmers will be credited to your account in 7 days if your name is

Desh Videsh Ma Vasta mara Vala Mitro Ne Aaje Janav Vanu Ke 2000 / - to be provided to farmers, if your name is in the account, will be credited to the account within 7 days
Kisan Credit Card Scheme is a credit plan introduced by Indian banks in August 1998.  This model scheme was prepared by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development on the recommendations of the RV Gupta Committee for providing term loans for agricultural needs.

 Kisan Credit Card or KCC is a scheme specially designed by NABARD to provide financial assistance to farmers.  Short-term loans are intended to help farmers get timely financial support and banking system support.  Money can be used for many purposes.  These include (but are not limited to):
Meet short-term credit requirements for cropping crops.
Meet any post-harvest costs.
Help the farmer meet the costs of the home.
 Meet any working capital requirements when it comes to farming.
Make the necessary investments for agricultural purposes.
Meet any marketing expense with respect to their product.
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